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Camera Drones for Every Budget

From the cool and affordable ones to the professional grade, find them all here!

Remote-controlled camera drones are now one of technologies greatest feats. With this, everybody is capable of finally taking pictures of videos from above.

If you’re longing to shot from all angles or see the landscape from great heights, a drone is all you need. This experience was once only possible to the wealthy. But today, a list below allows you to have a go for it your self.

DJI Tello Drone

Best mini drone with camera that’s affordable

Are you looking for an alternative of the DJI Spark drone that won’t break the bank?

Well, here it is! The DJI Tello Drone is identical to the Spark, as it does come from the same manufacturer. It’s a smaller and lighter version. However, it doesn’t have the hand gesture control that makes the DJI drone an all-time favorite.

But don’t let that discourage you, as for it’s price. It has an excellent stability with 5MP Camera and shoots 720P HD videos. Moreover, it’s so tiny that you can actually hold its body using your thumb and index finger. This drone is the definition of portability.

The Tello Drone has an average fly time of around 13 minutes. However, it is super slow when compare to DJI Spark. It only has a top speed of 15 KM/H and a 100m image transmission range with 2 antennas for smart switching. Yes, it’s not that exciting, but it’s still pretty decent and portable and it comes from one of the top brand, DJI.

SwellPro Spry Racing Waterproof Drone

The portable waterproof sport drone

If your are into waters sports, getting a Spry Drone is the best decision! Luckily for you, SwellPro’s waterproof drone offers a great deal.

The Spry, is the ever waterproof drone that can briefly submerge like a submarine, float like a boat and fly in the air. It’s 100% waterproof and has 4K camera that can capture good quality footage with video at 30 frames per second, pictures at 12 megapixels, and transmits the video signal wirelessly to a monitor embedded in its waterproof remote control.

Splash Drone 3 Plus Waterproof Drone

The world’s first waterproof quadcopter

If  you love water adventures, love spending most of you days on the water and you have been looking for a drone that can capture video footage, Splash Drone 3 is for you! 

This waterproof drone have almost everything together and it’s also very versatile as well.  It is stylish, stunning and good looking drone with performance to match under different weather conditions. 

It comes with a video transmitter, a radio remote control, a 4K camera with stabilizer and an FPV display.  This drone can easily fight against winds up to 50KM/H and it can land in the water without any worries. 

DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Quadcopter Drone

Best camera drone in the market for the price

This quadcopter is capable of doing all of what the other drones can do – even better. With its 1-inch 20-megapixel gimbal-stabilized camera, you can shoot ultra-HD 4K photos and videos without any distortion. That’s clear enough to actually see each strand of hair from a distance – what do you expect from 8,294,000 pixels? 

It is the only drone that can be controlled at a maximum range of seven kilometers. To put things in perspective: that distance is almost a one-and-a-half-hour walk. On top of that, it flies at 72 Km/h for 30 minutes. And it doesn’t take a pro to maneuver this drone as it has tons of options to control it without too much technicality. That’s all thanks to its fully automated GPS, which allows you to fly the drone with ease. 

You can use it to produce quality movies, capture grand occasions, or just have fun on a whole new level!

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter w/ 20MP Hasselblad Camera

One of the best drone with HD camera for still photography, real estate and occasions.

If you have a video production business, or you’re just into videography, then this drone is a must for you!

There’s no denying that one of the most powerful ultra-HD camera drones is the DJI Mavic 2 Pro – it’s one of DJI’s flagship drones. It can capture a stunning 120 frames per second,  slow-motion video at 1080p. And on top of that, it has a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that makes sure your videos are always smooth – even on windy days.

It’s an incredible tool not only for shooting sports and other physical activities but also for other events. In addition, it can fly up to 72 KM/H with a transmission range of seven kilometers. But wait, there’s more. 

What you’re dealing here is professional-grade equipment that’s not intended for the average user but for businesses or people who make a living out of videography. But for its exceptional performance, it also comes with an exceptional price tag.  

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