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How Drone Usage Is Changing the Education Game

If you’re a student wondering why educational drones are all the rage nowadays, you’re not alone! Drone technology has taken the educational world by storm, and there are many reasons why.

In this article about the impact of drone usage on education, we will cover some of the basic uses of drones in the classroom. What exactly is it about drones that thousands of students adore using them as tools for learning? Keep on reading to find out!

Toys, Weapons, and Tools for Learning- The 3 in 1 Combo 

If you’re like the hundreds of students looking for a deviation from old-textbook studying practices, educational drones will help you meet that goal like never before. 

As technology is evolving, so is the education system; routine textbook learning simply doesn’t do the job anymore. With advancements in drone technology and study, more and more schools are adapting drone usage in the classroom. You might be especially familiar with the current global drone phenomenon if you’re a student in the STEM department.

With the numerous benefits they serve for education and the high-tech, innovative fun they bring to the classroom, there are few modern tools better for classroom usage than drones.

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Why Drones Have Taken The Educational World By Storm

Ever wondered why exactly drone technology in education has taken off as much as it has? Well, here are just some of the benefits drones serve in the classroom.

  • Provide teachers with hands-on tools to take their classroom environment to an elevated level.
  • Help improve the focus and productivity of students.
  • Break the monotony and repetitive grind of a usual school day
  • Spice up any field of learning
  • Help to establish an interactive, student-friendly, and fun learning environment
  • Guarantee a stimulating learning experience
  • Yield better results from students in all departments

How Drones Are Being Used In Education

The sight of a drone flying over university grounds has become super common, and it’s easy to understand why!

Even the biggest skeptics of technology cannot deny the instrumental levels of development, interaction and innovation that drone usage has brought to the classroom. Below, we have briefly covered some of the major uses of drones in education.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) can be one of the most difficult fields to study, and oftentimes, students find themselves dropping these courses before their academic term even ends.

However, STEM study is the very backbone of global development and innovation, so this field is not one worth throwing away!

STEM is extremely important as a field because it pervades every single part of our day to day lives. It assists in problem-solving and is great for instilling a drive for success and discipline amongst students and professionals alike.

To help students develop an acute interest in STEM, most universities, colleges and even high schools are integrating drone usage into their STEM curriculums. Here’s how drones are important in STEM:

  • Provide a good deviation from textbook learning- students like you can learn to see STEM not as a drab course they need to finish but instead as an enjoyable and necessary field of study
  • Can help with complicated concepts about aerodynamics, robotics and electricity.
  • Offer a visual explanation of difficult topics over just paragraphs upon paragraphs of difficult equations

University students often carry about important research-based projects that prove to be instrumental for development. In recent years, drone usage in university laboratories has seen newer heights, and the possibilities are truly endless.

If you’re a university student, you’ve probably handled drones as part of your curriculum for some project or the other, and this phenomenon is only becoming more widespread!

Universities such as the Marshall University are using drones in laboratories to assist students with their coursework and for facilitating undergraduate and graduate research projects. For example, you can use drones in your lab to work on projects for:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Telecommunications
  • Robotics
  • Security
  • Computer sciences
  • Electrical engineering, and so on.

With drones making it incredibly easy to capture stunning aerial shots for media and films all while you remain safe on the ground, it's clear that drones have completely revolutionized art and media education.

Drone usage in media, film, and art doesn’t simply stop at school level. They are also a part of these fields on a massive professional scale.

  • They are increasingly used for aerial footage in movies, news, and media. In fact, they’re so common that most of us don’t even bat an eye at aerial shots anymore!
  • World-renowned artists are using them to depict an ‘alternative reality’ in their work–centering their work around displaying ‘a view from above’.
  • Drones are even being used in media activism as objects with potential for social and environmental change.
  • The image and symbolism of drones is also wildly used throughout the art world and used to touch upon concepts about technology, the contemporary wave and artificial intelligence. 

This is because drones have a way of giving us an out-of-body experience. They allow us to view things from a different perspective than we’re used to- and that is exactly what art’s all about.


Agricultural studies are not the most popular university major choice, but it’s an important one nonetheless. However, bending over textbook upon textbook about irrigation and crop care can be incredibly boring, but drones can help spice up this field of study too!

Any agricultural student will know – aerial drones have completely revolutionized the agricultural game! Students from all across the world are now using these drones for:

  • Soil and field analysis
  • Collecting data for irrigation
  • Seed planting
  • Crop monitoring
  • Health assessment, and so much more!

Drone planting systems have also decreased planting costs by a whopping 85%, so they're not only fun and effective but also cost-friendly, allowing you to learn in a way that no textbook can ever teach you!

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Drones and Education- A Promising Partnership 

If you’re like the thousands of students looking for a deviation from old-textbook studying practices, these top educational drones are bound to get you interested! So waste no more time- make your pick and get ready to take your learning experience to the next level!

The Best Drones for Students like You

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