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Research and Academics for Micasense Camera Sensors

Are you interested in knowing about the research and academics for the Micasense camera sensors? Give this guide a read to know all the details!

In today's world, drones and high-tech drone sensors for research, agriculture, and so on have become prevalent.  And in the developing world of drones and sensors, Micasense is a name that has earned fame and respect everywhere. Starting from January 2014 till date, the company has maintained its quality and reputation.

In this guide, we will discuss the research and academics for Micasense cameras and why you should invest in them.

Use Of MicaSense Cameras in the Following Aspects:


The camera sensors invented by MicaSense are one of the best sensors you will find for research and archaeology. Researchers and experts from various fields of work from all over the world prefer the use of the Micasense sensors to capture data. Reason why people prefer these sensors for research is that they offer an accurate standard of scientific measurements.

In the research/archaeology sector, you can use the Micasense cameras for:

  • Conducting a comprehensive study on phenotyping
  • Determining the best fertilization methods

Agriculture and Academics

If we talk about the use of Micasense sensors in the agriculture sector, then it is quite popular. Researchers, farmers, scientists, and other agricultural professionals prefer the use of Micasense sensors to collect data about agricultural fields and crops. These sensors are generally mounted on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) such as drones. The data that these sensors detect allows the professionals to determine the condition of the crops and the field.

In the agriculture sector, the Micasense sensors are used for:

  • Analyzing the condition of the field
  • Determining diseases of the crops
  • Measuring the stress of the crops
  • Determining the pollutants present in the field, etc.


Micasense Altum-PT 

Recently, MicaSense has introduced Altum-PT, which is the evolution of Altum. The Altum-PT comes with additional removable storage, which allows the camera to take two pictures in a single second. The Altum-PT comes with a top resolution panchromatic sensor, which enables pan-sharpening of the multispectral images.

You can now pan-sharpen the ground resolution by 1.2cm or 0.47-inch at the height of 200ft or 60m. The Altum-PT also features an upgraded built-in thermal sensor. It comes with the 320 x 256 FLIR Boson®. This allows the sensor to map the ground at a better resolution than Altum.

The Altum-PT comes with two upgrade kits: Standard Altum-PT Kit and Altum-PT Sensor with DJI SkyPort Kit.


  • Radiometric thermal camera
  • Suitable with two upgrade kits
  • Captures high-quality multispectral images
  • Additional storage
  • High-resolution
  • Top-quality thermal sensor

MicaSense RedEdge – MX

The RedEdge – MX is a multispectral camera by Micasense that is widely used for the advanced analysis of agricultural imagery. It is a high-resolution camera that can efficiently capture the spectral bands that indicate the healthy analysis of crops. At a single flight, the RedEdge – MX can capture five different narrow spectral bands.

All these bands are captured at a high resolution of 8cm per pixel at the height of 400 ft or 120m. It also can capture the blue spectral band that generally indicates deeper agricultural analysis and insights. This allows experts to identify the issues with the field and the corps.

Product Description:

This Micasense camera sensor is durable and reliable as the frame is made up of high-quality aluminum. This allows the body of the camera sensor to be durable and makes sure that it provides a great performance during high temperatures.

If we talk about the RedEdge–MX’s best feature, then it is the top quality flexibility of this product. You can mount this camera sensor on a wide range of models and brands of drones. You can also analyze the data via a wide variety of platforms and applications.

The Micasense RedEdge +– MX supports two additional sensor kits: Standard RedEdge – MX Kit and RedEdge – MX Sensor with DJI SkyPort Kit.


  • Used for advanced analysis of agricultural imagery
  • Captures five different narrow spectral bands
  • Supports two additional sensor kits
  • High-resolution
  • Reliable and durable
  • Flexible

Red-Edge-MX: Dual Camera

Last but not least, the MicaSense RedEdge – MX Dual Camera Imaging System. The dual camera imaging system is a 10-band solution that is synchronized with the RedEdge – MX. This allows researchers and professionals to get detailed and accurate data for agricultural and academic research.

The Dual Camera Imaging System is very flexible as it is compatible with various models and makes of drones. Not only that, but it also allows you to analyze your data easily on any platform you want.

Product Description:

The 10-band solution combines two five-band MicaSense cameras: RedEdge – MX, and RedEdge – MX Blue. These camera sensors can capture images of 10 bands at a single flight. This allows users to use two cameras at once.

A synchronized click of 10 different bands results in a pixel-aligned image, and the 10-lense global shutter provides a distortion-free image and analysis on various platforms.

  • Dual camera imaging system
  • For agricultural and academic research
  • Synchronized click of 10 different bands
  • Ten spectral bands
  • Flexible
  • Precise measurements

Final Words

There is no doubt that the MicaSense camera sensors are great for research, agriculture, archaeology, and academics. These sensors allow scientists, researchers, and professionals to analyze and study the data using high-resolution images carefully. All of these products are compatible with various models of drones. So, set the camera sensors on the drones and get ready for some interesting research!

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