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Research and Academics for Micasense Camera Sensors

Are you interested in knowing about the research and academics for the Micasense camera sensors? Give this guide a read to know all the details! In today’s world, drones and high-tech drone sensors for research, agriculture, and so on have become prevalent.  And in the developing world of drones and sensors, Micasense is a name […]

How Parrot ANAFI Drone Can Save Lives

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), generally referred to as a drone, was grown basically for military tasks that were excessively unsafe for people to attempt in the 20th century. Drones were never supposed to be utilized commercially from the late 1800s to postwar period, but thanks to technology and commerce, as well as the power of […]

The Rise of Avant-Garde Fishing Techniques – FISHING DRONES TO LOOK OUT FOR

Enhance your fishing strategies by investing in a drone for fishing.  Read this article to learn how you can make use of this innovative technology! People have been catching fish since the dawn of time. However, technological breakthroughs have transformed the way people fish. One such dramatic change comes in the form of recreational fishing […]

How Drone Usage Is Changing the Education Game

If you’re a student wondering why educational drones are all the rage nowadays, you’re not alone! Drone technology has taken the educational world by storm, and there are many reasons why.In this article about the impact of drone usage on education, we will cover some of the basic uses of drones in the classroom. What […]


Drone Camera and Sensors Are Inspecting Your Fields: Time for E-AgricultureWhy my crops are not growing well? Am I providing the right amount of fertilizer? Did I sprayed the pesticides well or watered the crops enough? Are these questions or more of this type are scratching your head? There is no need to worry as […]

New Droning & Safety Laws:

Are you a little confused on the new drone laws? Well, you’re in luck because we’re here to make those rules and regs a little more clearer for you. The above chart is really useful—as long as you don’t live in the US. As you can tell from this conspicuous absence of a “US” column, the […]

MicaSense releases revolutionary new sensor Altum; powered by DJI SkyPort

MicaSense Altum is a new 3-in-1 solution that combines thermal, high-resolution, and multispectral imaging capabilities in one sensorNOTE: This camera sensor has been discontinued by MicaSense ~ CLICK HERE check out the new Altum-PT or other new camera sensors from MicaSense.MicaSense releases Altum, its new top of the line sensor for professional-grade agricultural drone mapping. […]

Deployment of the Orion UAS for security of France’s second largest AIR SHOW

The Orion UAS has been recently deployed to provide surveillance for France’s second largest airshow at La Ferté Alais.In support of the firefighting unit SDIS 91 and the Gendarmerie, the automated tethered drone assisted in providing security for the 40,000 visitors, surveillance of the parking area, and quickly detected the start of a fire.The ISS […]

Aerial Reel…Where to Next?

It’s easy to become preoccupied by the routine of our daily lives. Sometimes we need to get lost in the ordinary. To choose contentment. But we can also choose to be BOLD. It’s a big world out there full of amazing possibilities and exhilarating sights! Reward yourself! The privilege to travel, and the memories you […]

Camera Drones for Every Budget

From the cool and affordable ones to the professional grade, find them all here! Remote-controlled camera drones are now one of technologies greatest feats. With this, everybody is capable of finally taking pictures of videos from above. If you’re longing to shot from all angles or see the landscape from great heights, a drone is […]

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