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Parrot ANAFI Drone Guide

The Ultra-compact and light-weight thermal drone solution dedicated to all professionals.

An ultra-compact and portable drone capable of stunning 4K HDR aerial videography, and thermal imaging that can help a variety of professional industries. With the ANAFI Thermal Drone from Parrot, you can capture both the invisible which uses a unique camera that integrates two high-quality sensors.

The ANAFI Thermal is designed to greatly revolutionize the way individuals in a wide variety of industries and trade operates, offering professionals a complete solution that adapts perfectly to their needs. Particularly in the field of thermal imaging, from rescue service providers and experts in civil security to public works professionals.


Puts you in the Cockpit of Parrot's Revolutionary Drone

Experience in a new way your flights with Anafi FPV:

Fly your drone as if you were in it. The Anafi FPV kit is designed to provide you with breath-taking immersive flight experiences. The comfortable Cockpit glasses 3 goggles are connected to the drone camera and plunge you directly into the heart of the action of your own aerial views in Full HD streaming. Comfortable and ultra-compact, the goggles are compatible with smartphones screen sizes between 4. 7 and 5. 5 inches.

  • Live video from ANAFI’s 180-degree camera produces thrilling immersion in the Cockpit glasses
  • Unique FPV modes for aerial photographers combine total immersion with unprecedented control
  • New flight presets and modes deliver jaw-dropping visuals, creative freedom, and non-stop fun
USB Type-C mobile charging system

The portability of the drone is demonstrated by its USB Type-C mobile charging system. Charge the drone's smart battery with an external battery or with the USB-C charger on your smartphone or computer.

ANAFI is compatible with Power Delivery chargers that allow up to 60% faster charging time than a USB-A 5W charger.

Take ANAFI everywhere with you

No need to position your drone on snowy slopes, dirt roads or uneven runways to get it off the ground.

This new backpack is a complete platform for preparing and launching your drone, making ANAFI FPV the ultimate off-road drone.

The Dolly Zoom function

The Dolly Zoom function uses ANAFI's zoom capabilities and visual recognition technology to produce distortion in the background. ANAFI being the drone on the market capable of doing so automatically.

ANAFI also features a lossless zoom. The SmartDronies features allow you to take aerial selfies by drone automatically.

Skycontroller 3

The Parrot Skycontroller 3 is compact, foldable and has a 4km range. With 2 hours of battery life, dedicated controls for zoom or vertical orientation of the camera as well as a nomadic USB-C charger, it is designed as a complete ANAFI ecosystem.

ANAFI works with the FreeFlight 6 application and can also be controlled using your smartphone.

Anafi Work is an ultra-compact device for all professionals. Its 4K HDR/ 21 MP Camera captures high-resolution aerial images with a unique 180° orientation, enabling you to inspect, monitor and film difficult-to-access areas. Its zoom allows to keep a safe distance during inspection work without loss of quality. The hybrid 3-axis image stabilization delivers Ultra-Stable video and photos.

  • ANAFI Work includes the advanced ANAFI drone equipped with an innovative imaging system, a 4K/21MP camera with a 180° vertical orientation, allowing you to easily capture images of inaccessible areas.
  • ANAFI Work is the perfect on-the-go tool that is ready-to-fly in no time. The drone operates for 1 hour and 40 minutes with its 4 USB-C smart batteries
  • This Parrot drone solution can easily be transported anywhere in its compact shoulder bag.
  • ANAFI Work allows professionals to create 3D models of buildings, quickly and easily, using the one year subscription to Pix4Dmodel.

180° Camera

ANAFI is a drone with 180° tilt gimbal, capturing unprecedented shots from unique angles. Create more dynamic films, try impressive low-angle shots!

Zoom x3

ANAFI features a 3x digital zoom with up to 2.8 lossless zoom to visualize details clearly and a 3-axis hybrid image stabilization to shoot ultra-stable videos and photos. The Dolly Zoom effect uses ANAFI’s unique zoom capabilities and advanced visual tracking system to create a perspective deformation of the background. ANAFI is the drone which is able to do this automatically.

Photo effects

From a single tip with your finger, access breathtaking pictures, customize your parameters and make the best of extraordinary automated formats such as "little planets" or 360° panoramas.

Video effects

Speed videos up or slow them down directly in the app, without post-production software. Take perfect videos thanks to automated flights and video effects (selfies and cineshots).


The Ultra-Compact, Fully-Integrated Thermal Drone

Anafi Thermal has a 3-axis hybrid image stabilization to help keep all your footage and pictures stable and clear. In fact, it is engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 31 mph. With the addition of a 180° gimbal, up to 3x digital zoom, and tracking A.I., the Anafi can give you professional-quality results anytime, anywhere. Nearly everything you need is included, along with a Skycontroller 3 for piloting. Just add your compatible smartphone or tablet, download the iOS/Android FreeFlight 6 app, and you're ready to go.

Foldable Skycontroller 3 Included

Working with your Android or iOS smartphone and the FreeFlight 6 app, the compact and ergonomic Skycontroller 3 lets you take full control of Anafi Thermal's capabilities. Dual thumbsticks let you pilot the Anafi Thermal, and FreeFlight 6 gives you a variety of flight solutions that are adaptable to your level of expertise. With a single tap of the screen, you can switch between visible and thermal recording, and you can preview thermal images right in the app.

Dual-Band Transmission System

Anafi Thermal features a 2.4/5 GHz dual-band antenna in each leg to help maintain connection for HD streaming from up to 2.5 miles away.

Safe Flight Features:
  • Geofence: Lets you define your very own virtual perimeter that stops the Anafi Thermal from flying out of a designated area.
  • Smart RTH (Return to Home): If the drone ever loses connection or if the battery life is low, it will automatically come back to its starting point.
  • Find My Drone: Should you lose sight of your drone, you can easily make it beep at the tap of a button or find it on the map to locate and retrieve it.

Additional Features:

  • FLIR Tools for editing, analysis, and reporting of thermal images
  • 26 minutes of flight time per charge
  • Multi-port USB charger lets you charge all 3 batteries simultaneously in just 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • USB Type-C charging

Construction industry professionals

You can perform building diagnosis, identify thermal losses or insulation voids and collect thermal data.

Energy suppliers and Infrastructure maintenance

Using a light and easy to implement solution, energy suppliers can identify failures on power lines, or isolate a defective solar panel in just a few minutes.

Civil security experts

You can remotely identify hot spots and decide where to act in priority. After their intervention, you can monitor the scene and decide to keep a team on site. Using 4K or thermal images, searching for people in isolated area is now faster, and does not endanger emergency services agents.

Wildlife protection

ANAFI Thermal makes it easy to observe, identify and count species while the pilot remains at a safe distance, even at night. The drone is also useful to watch over preserved areas and prevent illegal hunting.

Making Thermal Imaging accessible to Everyone

The drone's unique imaging capabilities allow professionals to take immediate action or analyze recorded photos and videos in unparalleled details. 
Capture and Analyze Thermal and RGB Data with a User-Friendly Interface 

With the FreeFlight 6 mobile app (available on iOS and Android) which allows you to easily switch from an RGB view to a thermal view or merge the two for a perfectly readable and comprehensible rendering of everything.

The details of the scene are visible and colored to reveal the thermal differences and the areas of loss. 3 groups of settings are available:

  • Relative: displays the range of temperature differences, from the hottest to the coldest
  • Absolute: set the range of temperature values
  • Spot: only the hottest or coldest spots are isolated
Two Integrated Sensors working in Full Synchronization 
ANAFI Thermal embeds the very best from the world of imaging. You can accurately inspect a building, capture illustrative elements of the state of a structure or a search area for example, or carry out 3D modelling. 

A FLIR radiometric sensor for thermal images that reveals extreme temperatures, insulation voids, sources of cold and warm air leaks, signs of moisture damage.

  • FLIR Lepton 3.5 microbolometer sensor (radiometric)
  • Sensor resolution: 160x120
  • Temperature range : -10°C to +140°C (High-gain) or -10°C to 400°C (Low-gain)
  • Thermal sensitivity: <50mK

Sony sensor specifically designed for visual inspection, RGB data capture for photogrammetry or scouting and reconnaissance.

  • Sony CMOS sensor 1/2.4'' 21MP
  • 4K HDR video recording capabilities
  • Adobe DNG/RAW and P-LOG professional formats

A unique camera system specific to ANAFI:

  • 3-axis hybrid stabilization (2-axis mechanical combined with 3-axis electronic)
  • Controllable tilt: +/-90° = 180° camera tilt (from zenith to nadir views)
  • Up to x3 digital zoom (in thermal and visible views)
Optimized Performances in an Ultra-Compact and Lightweight Solution

A thermal imaging drone which is easy to use, lightweight and powerful. 

  • Enable you to take immediate action or analyze recorded photos and videos with unprecedented details. 
  • Designed to profoundly revolutionize the way many industries and trade operate,
  • Offers professionals a complete solution that adapts perfectly to their requirements and needs

Note:  Once it’s completely finished, the sensor light will vary depending on the status. For instance, if the memory is full, the light indicator will flash yellow.





25 min flight time Batteries

1 x 26 min

4 x 25 min

3 x 26 min

Charging system

1x USB-C cable

4x USB-C cables + USB multi charger

4x USB-C cables + USB multi charger


16GB micro SD card (editable)

16GB micro SD card (editable)

16GB micro SD card (editable)


Freeflight 6

Freeflight 6 + Pix4D Capture

Freeflight 6

Automated flights and video effects for professional shoots and fun

Yes: cameraman mode (automated framing), cineshots (automatic video effects), automatic selfies, panoramic modes (little planets, tunnels, 360°). Total immersion through the goggles «Cockpitglasses 3».

Yes: cameraman mode (automated framing), cineshots (automatic video effects), automatic selfies, panorama modes (little planets, tunnels, 360°). Automated flight plans optimized for building 3D models via Pix4Capture (free).

Yes: cameraman mode (automatic visual framing), cineshots (automatic video effects), automatic selfies, panorama modes (little planets, tunnels, 360°)

Follow Me + Flight Plan

In-App purchase

In-App purchase


Additional professional software included


3D modeling (Pix4D Model) converts your images into 3D models on your computer (measuring, distance...)

FreeFlight 6 unlocks the options associated with the thermal camera when connecting to ANAFI Thermal.


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