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The EVO Nano with Premium Bundle from Autel Robotics features powerful aerial photography capabilities packed in a compact, foldable, palm-sized frame. Even with its small form factor, the EVO Nano’s 40MP camera is capable of recording smooth cinematic 4K HDR video in challenging conditions. The frame has been engineered to withstand up to level 5 winds, and the 3-axis mechanical gimbal reduces vibration.

Piloting the EVO Nano to record this footage is made to be comfortable and intuitive with the inclusion of a gamepad-style remote controller that, when paired with your smartphone and Autel apps, can give you a drone’s-eye view from up to 7.4 miles away at 720p resolution. While piloting, you can engage a series of special shooting and tracking features to give your footage a more cinematic feel.

Premium Bundle

This Premium Bundle version of the EVO Nano is designed to make it easier to get to your location and film longer. Below is a full list of additional accessories exclusive to the Premium Bundle:

  • Adapter
  • Multi-charger
  • Two flight batteries
  • Travel bag
  • Two spare propellers
  • Propeller holder

Obstacle Avoidance

Not commonly seen in drones of this size, the EVO Nano incorporates an obstacle avoidance system to keep it safe while flying. It does this via 3-way binocular vision sensors that let the Nano see obstructions in front of it, behind it, and below it. If anything comes into the Nano’s path, it will automatically brake and hover to avoid a collision.


Take the ultimate selfie with the press of a single button. When engaged, SkyPortrait will raise your Nano into the air where it will snap a photo, automatically adjusting the lens to include everyone. You can even have the Nano automatically blur out the background to focus only on you and your friends.

Share Footage Quickly

Simply place your smartphone near the EVO Nano to upload files from the Nano at up to 160 Mb/s via the Fly app.

Dynamic Track 2.1

Have your Nano automatically track and follow any person, animal, or vehicle.


Freeze the Nano in mid-air at any angle and have its camera follow and continuously film a moving subject, whether it’s a person or an object.

Automatic Flight Modes

Select from one of the following flight modes to have the EVO Nano pull off a professional maneuver that can elevate your final content. You can even use the Autel Fly app to add a soundtrack and filters to enhance it even more.

  • Skyrocket/Missile
  • Float/Adrift/Air Balloon
  • Orbit/Satellite
  • Helicopter/Hurricane/Whiplash/Whirlwind


Apply templates from the Autel Fly app directly to your footage so you can reduce editing time and share your content online more quickly.

Photo Shooting Modes

  • Single shot
  • Continuous shooting (3- or 5-shot)
  • AEB continuous shooting (3- or 5-shot)
  • Timing (2 to 60 seconds, DNG minimum of 5 seconds)
  • HDR
  • Panorama (horizontal, vertical, wide-angle, or spherical)

Additional Features

  • Up to 30 minutes of flight time
  • Integrated GPS navigation
  • Up to 33 mph maximum flight speed
  • Up to 256GB of additional storage with an optional SD card


  • Autel Robotics EVO Nano with Premium Bundle
  • 3 x Battery
  • Simple Remote Controller
  • Remote Controller Charger
  • Adapter
  • Multi-ChargerTravel Bag
  • Propeller Holder
  • USB-to-Lightning Cable
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • USB Type-B Cable
  • Gimbal Cover
  • 3 x Spare Propeller
  • 8 x Spare Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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