Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle



“One of the best online packages for environmental & surveillance that includes the Autel UAV. Powerful package!”Bobby R. 

AUTEL ROBOTICS EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Sensor Bundle

Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle: A UAV PACKAGE FOR ANY INDUSTRY - Crop, Inspections/Surveying, Search & Rescue

Autel has heard your cries for a peerless UAV airframe that is jacked with new accessories and camera features to tackle any professional industry from land surveying, construction & engineering, firefighting, etc. The Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle optimizes your workload with features like a foldable design that can be set out within seconds, strengthened carbon-fiber arms, easy-to-use controls, a lower sound-signature, and longer flight times, almost 45mins of flight time! In addition to add-on modules (hood of drone) that include speaker, a spotlight, beacon, and an RTK add-on module this new airframe boasts larger carbon fiber arms, motors, and propellers. The thing that ties it all together is the built-in ADS-B Receiver, ensuring proper operating safety and security with the "Autel DataSecure Encryption". 

This Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle is equipped with a 640R FLIR Boson Radiometric Thermal Camera (640x512 thermal imager w/ a 13mm focal length and 8x digital zoom). Together with an 8K/48MP 1/2" CMOS visual camera with 4x lossless zoom & up to 16 times total zoom. Designed with the newest technology in thermal imaging and combining portability and reliability. Add in 5.5 Mile Control Range for a stronger signal and farther reaching control. Lastly the 360° ObstacleAvoidance comes equipped w/ 19 groups of sensors - 12 visual sensors, main camera, ultra sound, & dual IMUs ~ build 3-D maps and plan paths through complex terrain in real time. 


Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle
  • 2-in1 FLIR Thermal +8K Quality - Save time and battery life by snapping two image sets at once with thermal and visual images!
  • Unmatched 8K Quality Video The new 8K resolution camera records in glorious 7680x4320. 4x's more pixels than 4K & 16x's more than HD.
  • Both Thermal + RGB Images - Capture both images (w/ embedded metadata) in stunning 48 MP detail making this the ultimate industry standard package!
  • 4x Lossless Zoom/4K HDR - Zoom deep into an image and crop and image or 4K video without any loss in quality. Capture much greater detail in highlights and shadows in dynamic range. 
  • Longer Flight Time by Rotating 3 Batteries - Three spare 7100mAh rechargeable batteries & a charging hub helps you to stay in the air longer. Each battery packs up to 40 mins of "air time".

High-Caliber Flight Execution

The Brand New Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle's flight performance has been fully revolutionized with a new dynamic system and expanded carbon-fiber structural design. With images of up to 1080p in high-definition, the industry leading double powered frequency transmission system provides stronger capabilities & control! 
Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle

Applications for Industry

  • Public Safety

  • Traffic Supervision

  • Power inspection

  • fire fighting

  • Search & Rescue

  • Mapping

Public Safety

Control your patrolling area and survey threats during investigations and canvassing duties, while freeing your concentration up for other duties with the Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle.


The new Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle comes equipped with an a new obstacle avoidance system that can assist in errors and collisions in the field. The last thing you would want while getting paid or needing exact data for a prolonged period of time.

This baby comes equipped with 12 computer vision sensors controlled by a dual-core processor and A1 machine learning that creates omni-directional protection.

Detect hazards and potential dangers up to 30 miles away and control your UAV to avoid collision. If you decide to leave the avoidance "off", then you can use the radar feature to give you piloting information in the air, while in absolute control.

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VARIOUS Temperature Measurement Modes

With built-in infrared sensors and high-speed processors, the Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle provides a variety of temperature measurement functions, so you can easily interpret and control your temperature data.

  • Spot Temperature Measurement

  • Regional Temperature Measurement

  • Temperature Alarm

  • Central Temperature Measurement

  • Isotherm

  • Image Enhancement

Spot Temperature Measurement

Easily display the temperature of an object with just a tap of the screen. The ultimate temperature control ~ Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle.

Powerful Telephoto Zoom

The Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle ~ EVO 2 DUAL 640T Enterprise (4x lossless zoom) and the EVO 2 DUAL Pro Enterprise (3x lossless zoom) boasts high-definition imagery with a 16x digital zoom. Collect your images and data from a safe stretch of distance. 

Available Accessories

  • 1. Loudspeaker - Helps with an effective on-site communication through long distance telephonic audio loops.
  • 2. Spotlight - Provides a powerful, long-distance beam of light for surveying at night or dark areas.
  • 3. Strobe - Used to avoid air traffic accidents or mark your UAV in the night sky.
  • 4. RTK Module (Optional) - Reduces interference from electro-magnetic signals & provides centimeter-accurate positioning data.





EVO II Pro: 2.45lbs (1110g)
EVO II Dual: 2.51lbs (1136.5g)

Diagonal Length

16.8in (427mm)

Max Flight Time (no wind)

42min(without accessories)

Hovering Time (no wind)

38min(with strobe) 29min(w/spotlight)
34min(w/ speaker) 36min (w/ RTK module)

Max Level Flight Speed

45 mph (20 m/s) (Ludicrous)

Max Ascent Speed

18 mph (8 m/s (Ludicrous)

Max Descent Speed

9 mph (4 m/s) (Ludicrous)

Max Service Ceiling Altitude

4.3 miles (7000 m) MSL

Operating Temperature

14℉ to 104℉ (-10℃ to 40℃)

Max Wind Speed Resistance

39mph (17m/s)

Operating Frequency

2.400GHz - 2.4835GHz;5.725GHz - 5.850GHz

Hovering Accuracy Range

± 0.3ft (0.1m) (with RTK)
± 0.3ft (0.1m) (with Vision Positioning)
± 1.6ft (0.5m) (with GPS Positioning)
± 0.3ft (0.1m) (with RTK)
± 0.9ft (0.3m) (with Vision Positioning)
± 4.9ft (1.5m) (with GPS Positioning)


What's New in the Update?




Smart Controller

Flight Control




Remote Controller


RC Panel


Image Transmission


RC Image Transmission






Vision Module




ESC 1-4


Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric + Thermal Bundle:

  • Added ADS-B feature on EVO II Enterprise (Receiving only)

Bug fixes and optimizations:

  • Fixed RC connection stability issue
  • Fixed firmware upgrade failure issue
  • Fixed panorama photo compiling error
  • Fixed EVO II RTK Rinex file error
  • Fixed No-Fly Zone flight failure in USA
  • Fixed NTRIP RTK Network compatibility issue
  • Fixed OTA firmware upgrade failure
  • Optimized image transmission signal performance
  • Optimized precision landing performance

  • Autel Robotics EVO II Dual Enterprise Drone
  • Smart Controller
  • 3x Spare Aircraft Battery
  • Aircraft Battery Charger
  • Controller Charger
  • Controller Power Cable
  • Battery Charging Hub
  • Car Charger
  • Loudspeaker
  • Spotlight
  • Strobe
  • Chest Strap
  • Accessory Interface Cover
  • Spare Propellers
  • Hard Carry Case
  • User Manual
  • Autel Robotics 1 Year Limited Warranty


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