QYSEA FIFISH V6S Professional Underwater Drone ROV

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“I really like the all-directional maneuverability of the ROV. Very cool to use along side aerial drones!” ~ Dave


Extend Your Reach And Increase Your Capability

FIFISH V6S from QYSEA is the 1st compact size OMNI-directional ROV with 4K UHD camera. You can drag, drop, tow, and salvage underwater objects with the FIFISH V6S Underwater ROV Robotic Claw from QYSEA. The V6S's claw opens 5.5" wide, exerts 11 pounds of gripping force, and will hang on tightly enough to tow objects with the ROV's tether. With the ROV's ability to swim in any direction while shooting 4K video or 12MP photos, the V6S is suited to a wide range of applications in salvage, content creation, marine inspection, aquaculture, archaeological observation, and much more. This underwater drone is equipped with two 2000-lumen lights, electronic image stabilization, a 1" CMOS sensor, and an ultra-wide field of view. The V6S delivers expansive, vivid imagery from depths as great as 328 feet.


  • Depth Rating: 328 feet
  • Runtime: 6 Hours
  • VR Goggles
  • Ultrawide 166° Angle of View
  • Robotic Arm with Claw
  • 6 Thrusters for Omnidirectional Control
  • 4K Video, 12MP Photos, RAW DNG Format
  • Two 2000-Lumen Lights

ROV - high quality, increase capacity, longer life

The V6s is powered by Premium Panasonic batteries that enabled extended dive times and reduce down time with a safe and quick charge.

  • Robotic claw can drag, drop, tow, and salvage underwater objects
  • Claw has 11-pound gripping force, opens 5.5" wide
  • Tether length and maximum depth: 328 feet
  • Six thrusters for omni-directional mobility, top speed of 3 knots (5' per second)
  • Posture Lock feature holds ROV at set angle within ±0.1° pitch and roll
  • Uses 14,000mAh, 155Wh battery
  • Runtime: 6 hours
  • Measures 15 x 13 x 5.6", weighs 8.6 pounds
Superior Component Material Selected for Durability

Stainless steel 316 watertight connector (anti-rust and anti-corrosion)

Plug tested over a thousand times for reliable durability

  • Ultrawide 166° field of view
  • Fast f/2.5 aperture
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • 12MP 1/2.3" CMOS sensor
  • JPEG and DNG formats
  • Captures 4K UHD video at 25/30 fps, 1080p video at up to 120 fps slow motion
  • ISO sensitivity 100-6400 for lower-light environments

Remote Controller
  • Control sticks provide seamless control in all directions
  • VR goggles
  • Adjustable mount for smartphones and tablets
  • Runtime: 4 hours
  • Two 2000-lumen LED lights
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Color temperature: 5500K

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